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GUEST COLUMN: Saying ’thanks” to our first responders


On Oct. 11, Liberty Baptist Church held our first-ever First Responder Sunday as a way to thank our local police and fire departments for the work that they do in our community. We were pleased to host 10 first responders, including Easton Fire Chief Kevin Partridge. Easton selectmen Carol Nestler and Kevin McIntyre were also in attendance.

The support from our local departments and the community at large was overwhelming, and I’d like to thank Chief Sullivan and Chief Partridge for their cooperation of their departments. I also appreciate the participation of from the campus police at Massasoit Community College, as well as the Whitman Fire Department.

Our desire to host these public servants was not to make a political statement, but rather, to honestly thank these men and women who have answered the call to protect our community. It can be discouraging to see the lack of gratitude these folks sometimes receive. It was our intention to let them know that there are a great many people in our community that are appreciative of the sacrifices they make.

Why are we so thankful? Because in the middle of the night, when you smell smoke in your home, these are the folks that come. When someone steals your vehicle, these are the folks that come. When your neighbor has a heart attack, and every second is of the essence, these are the folks that come. When there’s a bomb threat or an active shooter, these are the folks that come. Every day, these men and women leave their homes and are not guaranteed that they will return to them at the end of their shift. If we are willing to call on these brave souls in our neediest hours, then I believe they are worthy of our recognition.

Liberty Baptist Church salutes our local police, fire, and EMTs, and we thank all other local churches, businesses, and organizations who join us in doing the same.